We are the local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) - umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Southwark.

We support charities, community groups and individuals through capacity building, volunteering and social action. 

Our vision is for a strong Southwark community that fulfils its potential.

question marks  Not only does Community Southwark have excellent local knowledge, but gathers solid evidence that is essential for delivering the goods... and its free services are an invaluable gift.  question mark

What is a CVS?

CVSs do so much, but it is often hard to explain to someone what a CVS is, this helpful video explains it all simply and clearly. 

More about Community Southwark

Community Southwark is a charitable company limited by guarantee. It was founded in 1992 as Southwark Community Care Forum, registered as a charity on 5 January 1998 and incorporated on 1 April 2004. We are a membership (link) organisation governed by the Board of Trustees (link) in line with our articles of association (link); day to day work is conducted by a dedicated staff team(link). 

Typically a single post will be enough to explain who you are as an organisation. If you do have more information to convey, however, you can create a listing page to display several posts, each with their own content.

Content tips

Visitors to this post are likely to be new to your organisation, so create a clear, succinct explanation of who you are. This could be based on ‘why you do what you do’, as well as a brief explanation of your status and how your organisation came to exist.

Avoid jargon (the terms you use internally that others might not understand) and explain any where your name comes from, if it’s not obvious!

Include supporters and beneficiaries in the ‘we’ to make sure your focus is external, not internal – and therefore much more relevant to website visitors. Once you’ve provided the basic details of who you are, provide clear links to different areas on your site to make the user journey simple.

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What we do

It’s important to include some succinct details about your main activities here, but the higher-level goal of those activities will best engage potential supporters and beneficiaries.

Focus on those who benefit by balancing your language towards benefits (what people get from activities) instead of features (we do this). You can use quotes to emphasise the benefit your services have on those you support.

<blockquote>We help people like Tommy escape the cycle of poverty through one-to-one training and mentoring by our financial experts.</blockquote>

Link activities, beneficiaries and opportunities to posts on your website where people can find out more. Encourage people to support what you do with a call-to-action button.

Don’t miss the opportunity to link to relevant appeals, either by adding a donation form widget directly into the content of the post or by including a relevant appeal in the sidebar of the post.

To access the links above you will need to be registered on our support site.