With over 1300 charities and community groups delivering services in the Borough, there is no question that many, if not all of them are being supported in some way by volunteers. 

Volunteer Management is the process and practices you use to find, recruit and retain volunteers.  

It will look and feel different in each and every organisation but the principles are still the same: 

  1. Identifying organisational needs/gaps for using volunteers 
  2. Volunteer Role Development 
  3. Advertising Volunteer Roles 
  4. Interviewing, Referencing, DBS checking Volunteers 
  5. To accept or decline a Volunteer 
  6. Inducting and Training Volunteers 
  7. Volunteer Supervision 
  8. Learning and Development 
  9. Volunteer Reward and Recognition 

Good practice ensures that what you do in Volunteer management is consistent, quality, safe and effective. Good practice also ensures that you keep the volunteer at the heart of your volunteering programmes and balance their needs with the needs of the organisation. 
It is essential that organisations spend time planning and thinking about these processes before embarking on using volunteers – even just one. The following resources and fact sheets will help you prepare for using volunteers and developing volunteer programmes. They will also help you review your current Volunteer Management processes. 

Do you need help with your volunteer programme? 

If you need support attracting more volunteers or want to ensure that your programme follows good practise, then Community Southwark offers 1-2-1 support to all member organisations in the Borough. Becoming a member is free. Contact the volunteering team at: [email protected],  or call 020 7385 7020. 

Community Southwark Useful Resources 

Quick Reference Guide to recruiting volunteers 

If you are new to using volunteers and don’t know where to start or you just want to recruit more, then this short How to Guide may give you a few pointers. 

Developing a new Role 

Using this volunteer role template can help you think about all aspects of the role including what the volunteer will get from the role. If you complete it and press send it will automatically go on onto our database and we can advertise it for you.  

Advertising roles 

A xxxx on thinking about where to advertise your roles in Southwark. 


For more information on the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check refer to the government website here. For information on organisations that can help you DBS check your volunteers xxxxx 

Policies for Volunteer Programmes 

A xxx about the basic policies you may need in place as an organisation or community group with staff and volunteers. 

Volunteer Risk Assessment 

Template risk assessment to assess any risks around your volunteer roles and activities. 

Volunteer Handbook 

A xxx on why a handbook may be useful and what it could contain 

Reward and Recognition 

xxxxx for planning reward and recognition into your Volunteer Programmes.  

Reviewing your existing Volunteer Programme 

Use the London Volunteer Management Charter Health Check to see where you are at. 
Supporting your Volunteers into Paid Work 

There are many services in the Borough offering support to people around employability.  We've pulled together this Directory of local services for you to use for your volunteers or service users. 

University Volunteering Contacts  

Universities can play a great role in promoting local volunteering to their students. This table has a list of useful university volunteering contacts: University Volunteering Contacts