Measuring your impact might seem unnecessary or too much of a burden.

But it’s really important and should be a key part of any project. Here’s 5 reasons why: 

  1. Accountability: when you’re given a grant, you normally need to report back on what you’re doing and whether you've made a difference with the money you were given. In order to do this, you’ll need to collect data and measure your impact 

  1. Future funding: measuring your impact can provide you with strong evidence to show to funders so that they might provide you with a grant 

  1. To check project progress against your original plans. This can help you stay focussed on your aims and whether you’re still on course to achieve your goals 

  1. Improve and adapt: Measuring impact can help you to see what’s worked and what hasn’t, and you can use this to improve your project and innovate 

  1. Motivation: Showing staff and volunteers evidence that their hard work has made an impact will make them feel great! 

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