Councillors sit on a vast number of different committees, which all fulfil different council functions. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what each committee is and what it does.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee has responsibility for scrutinising (examining) decisions made by the Cabinet. It currently contains 11 councillors – 8 are Labour, and 3 are Liberal Democrat. The Overview and Scrutiny sets some priorities, or a work programme, for the year, which outlines its areas of focus. For 2014/15, this includes topics such as the redevelopment of Peckham Rye, and work on a procurement strategy. It will produce reviews or recommendations for Cabinet on these topics.  

More is explained about the role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in the decision making process further on in this document. Essentially, the committee has the power to ask the Cabinet to reconsider a decision before it has been implemented.  

It has three sub-committees:  the Education and Children’s ServicesHealthy Communities, and Housing and Community Safety Scrutiny Sub-CommitteesThese committees are responsible for scrutinising decisions in their particular area of focus. They each contain 7 councillors. You can view their priorities (their work programme) via the links above.  

Planning Committee and Planning Sub-Committee 

The planning committee and sub-committee are responsible for determining the outcome of planning applications. The planning committee is responsible for larger applications, and the sub-committee considers the smaller ones. Not all applications go to these committees – only ones which are considered important, are of a particular size, or are controversial (have receive d a number of objections). 

Licensing Committee and Licensing Sub Committee  

These committees are responsible for approving the council’s licensing policies and considering licensing applications.  

Appointments Committee 

The appointments committee advises the council assembly about the appointment of individuals to certain posts.  

Corporate Parenting Committee 

The corporate parenting committee is charged with securing the best life chances for the borough’s looked after children 

Audit and Governance Committee  

This committee provides scrutiny of the council’s performance and finances.  

Standards Committee 

The Standards Committee is responsible for ensuring that both councillors and council officers are complying with the council’s code of conduct. It deals with complaints.  

Health and Wellbeing Board  

The Health and Wellbeing Board is a relatively new body, and is responsible for putting together a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to inform health priorities for the borough.