Maybe you’ve heard of the terms monitoring and evaluation. But what do they mean? 

Monitoring is the routine, systematic collection of information to check your project’s progress against your project’s plan. This could include, for example, the number of people who used your services in the last three months.  

Evaluation is when you dig deeper into your project to make judgements about the project itself, its design, implementation and the results. Doing an evaluation might help you to see: 

  • If your activities made a measurable difference 

  • How much these changes are a result of your activities 

  • What contributed to your success (or failure) 

  • How your project could be improved in the future 

  • If the project was cost-effective  

  • If any unexpected results occurred 

Evaluation often happens less regularly than monitoring (either at the end of a project or after a defined phase of a project) and is generally more time-consuming.   

But the two rely on each other. Evaluation will use the information collected through monitoring and probably additional information collected less regularly, such as focus groups at the end of the project.  

Monitoring and evaluation should be key components of any project as they will help you to know what went well and how to improve your work in the future.  

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