The Stepping Stones Fund is a social investment readiness facility for charitable organisations in Greater London. It is delivered in partnership with UBS.

The Stepping Stones fund will consider applications under the following strands:

1. Capacity building grants for charitable organisations:

to provide organisations with human, financial and strategic support as well as supporting access to appropriate expert intermediaries to enhance their overall performance skills to meet their mission, deliver their outcomes and thereby enhancing their investment readiness and long term financial stability.

2. Grants to pilot better outcomes:

to support organisations wishing to pilot new ways of creating improved social outcomes in a specific sector, geography or outcome area; test out new ideas, new business models, new partnerships and ways of working as well as alternative ways of measuring complex outcomes. The pilot should lead the organisation to using social investment for expansion or further development.

These two strands allow Stepping Stones Fund to accompany successful organisations in their evolution to social investment readiness and in the development of their social investment strategy. Those, for example, that successfully complete their project under strand 1 (capacity building) can return and apply for support under strand 2 (piloting outcomes).

Find out more

Visit City Bridge Trust's website to find out more. 

Have a look at their FAQs for more information.

How to apply

You must complete and submit an online eligibility test first to check you are eligible to apply. If you are eligible, the online form will take you to an online application form, which needs to be completed and submitted together with the necessary documents as advised.  

Full details are on the application process page.