Southwark Multi-Faith Forum was nominated for the Community Group of the Year Award at our 2021 Southwark Stars for the fantastic work they do in our community.

Read more of their story below:

SMFF brings people from the major faith groups in Southwark to work on community cohesion, celebrating and remembering occasions of importance in the wider community such as the annual Inter-Faith Walk which opens up places of worship to the wider community of faith and non-faith groups and individuals to come together in a safe environment to listen to practices and ask questions.

During the pandemic, the group has worked very closely with Southwark Council in alleviating peoples worries and comforting where possible including working with Cemeteries and Burials. 

SMFF helps with the Faith conferences and its Trustees help with the steering board. SMFF works with the statutory and voluntary sector including the Police in communication topics of importance, reducing tension and advocating for the common good"

We are very pleased to have presented you with this well deserved award - Thank you for all you do!