This £15 million fund focuses on awards of up to £10,000 that support clubs and community groups respond to the challenges of returning to play during the coronavirus pandemic.

This fund will make awards, using National Lottery and government funding, of between £3,00 and £10,000 from a total pot of £15 million, to help sport and activity groups, clubs and organisations respond to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a coronavirus-safe way.

Responding to the lockdown

Due to the announcement of the new national lockdown measures, this programme is being adapted to help further.

These changes include:

  • Organisations based in Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 1-5 can now seek support towards ongoing running costs - for example rent, utilities and insurance. This is capped at a maximum of £3,000 and will only be considered with an eligible funding request. This won't solely support only running costs. Please see more details in the 'what we can fund' section.
  • Eligible organisations/activities in IMD 6-10 locations can apply to our crowdfunding option, Return to Play: Active Together, to seek support towards running costs.
  • Flexibility over start date - we ask that activity resumes within six weeks of national/local lockdown restrictions being lifted,
  • Total budget has been increased by £5 million to support more organisations.
  • Programme is being extended and it will remain open up to 30 June.

How to apply?

Find out more and apply here.