Peckham Levels are inviting local artists, creators, and makers to pitch their ideas to enrich two spaces on Level 5 and 6.

Deadline for submissions: 14th April 2021

Once a concrete, multi-storey Sainsbury's car park- Peckham Levels was transformed in 2017 from a disused building into a vibrant, cultural and artistic destination for the community spanning six floors.

Fast forward to 2021 and it's now a collective of enterprises, talent, makers, and creators – a testimony that there’s more to Peckham Levels than meets the eye. The individual characters and stories bring unique layers of grit, spirit and tenacity across the six eclectic levels.

The latest lockdown has seen the public space people are most familiar with, Level 5/6, to be given a significant makeover in readiness to welcome back visitors. The spatial refurbishments aim to deliver a balance of practical use, comfort, social, retail, refreshments, and entertainment to deliver the Levels brand in look, feel and experience.

The Brief

As part of the refurbishments, the team at Peckham Levels are inviting local artists, creators, and makers to pitch their ideas to rejuvenate two spaces on Level 5/6. They are looking for ideas that articulate their brand, and bring to life the values and beliefs they stand for in a fun and dynamic way.

To enable creative ideas to flow more fluidly and allow artists to bring to the table exciting new expressions and experiences to their proposal, this is an 'open brief'. This means that applicants are invited to contribute ideas that combine a range of different artistic forms which might include projections, graphic design, sculpture, installations, lighting, paint work, interactive pieces, artwork, floor art, typography, and photography.

Ideas that involve the local community are the preferred choice, whether that’s through community engagement, or the commission enabling visitors to contribute or participate with it in some way. A Q&A session is scheduled where you can discuss this element further.

More information

Deadline for submissions is 14th April 2021. Appointment to be confirmed by 21st-23rd April.

You can download the full brief with more project specifics by clicking the button below. 

Download brief 

For more information, please contact [email protected] and [email protected]. Please write 'PECKHAM LEVELS COMMISSION' in the subject header when sending your email.