In 2016 we wrote a three year strategy, with the ambition to support our amazing Southwark voluntary and community sector to help shape futures and improve lives.

We called it: ‘Building Stronger Foundations 2016-19’.

We worked tirelessly to bring together individuals involved in social action in Southwark and build the capacity of voluntary and community groups. In doing so, we hoped to improve practice, enable others to take action and develop greater collaboration. Over the last three years, by strengthening the foundations of Southwark’s incredible voluntary and community sector, Community Southwark has played an important part in improving the lives of those in Southwark.

We reached the end of this strategy and so put together this 2018/19 Impact Report to have a look at how we did.

We will let you read it and decide for yourselves, but we hope you find it an interesting snapshot.