Team100 Burgess Park is our December 2018 volunteer organisation of the month!

Team100 Burgess Park: a partnership between Access Sport, Burgess Sports and other local organisations is a volunteering project empowering local people to get their community more active.

The project provides local people with the support to take control of their community to get more young people healthy and active. Bringing together a team of local people, from different backgrounds providing varied skillsets, bought together by a willingness for change. On-the-ground volunteers will work with, teachers, local councillors, professional volunteers, housing associations and more to make a difference.

Team100 Burgess Park is currently working with 43 individuals, bringing them together to increase young people’s opportunity in physical activity. There are so many ways to help in Team100 Burgess Park: coaching young people in a number of sports like football, rugby, cricket and tennis, mentoring local young ambassadors, supporting sports clubs with their social media and admin, fundraising, transport – you name it! So many roles can be done at home, or at work as well, simply forwarding on an email or printing flyers, can really help local clubs and organisation improve your communities health.

Team100 Burgess Park believe that when local groups, clubs, schools, cultures, faiths, ability’s come together, there is a greater impact. This volunteering project is all about having a long term impact in and around Burgess Park, so if you would like to find out more on how you can help, please email [email protected] or, call 020 7993 9883. You could make a difference, join the team!

Get started with volunteering!

If you would like some support to get started with volunteering, book an appointment here and come in and see one of our Volunteer Advisors. Or for any queries please email: [email protected]