London Bubble Theatre Company is our February 2018 volunteer organisation of the month!

London Bubble Theatre Company bring people together to create, participate in and enjoy theatre. They provide the artistic direction, skills, environment and resources to create inspirational, inclusive, involving theatre. London Bubble currently have a number of volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer on a community research project

London Bubble are currently looking for volunteers to explore the history of the Mayflower, and share it with the wider community in North Southwark. Get involved

Support the Creative Elders Programme by:

  • Assisting their workshop leaders at weekly or fortnightly creative sessions
  • Supporting older adults to attend London Bubble events. Find out more

Visit their website, twitter and facebook page

Get started with volunteering!

If you would like some support to get started with volunteering, book an appointment here and come in and see one of our Volunteer Advisors. Or for any queries please email: [email protected]