Published 14 Oct 2021

I am sure you are all aware of the devastating situation in Afghanistan over the past couple of months, we have all seen the thousands of Afghan people trying to flee their country to seek haven in safer countries.

We in Southwark welcome and support the Afghan refugees and at Community Southwark we pride ourselves in supporting organisations and people to make a positive impact on their community.

That’s why we have been working with Southwark council and other voluntary organisations in Southwark to ensure the Afghanistan refugees get the support they need. There are currently around 200 individuals and around 50 families staying in bridging hotels in Southwark and in order to provide the best possible support, will require involvement from voluntary and Community organisations like yourselves!

 To provide the support they need during this difficult transition phase there are many things YOU can do!

  1. Providing support in house (within your organisation) which can mean the refugees joining your organisational activities at your premises. This could be weekly coffee mornings, arts and crafts for the children, holiday club or exercise classes etc.
  1. You can provide support to the refugees at the hotel where the refugees are staying, providing activities for the children, English classes, women's groups etc. Using your already existing volunteers. (need to DBS checked)
  1. Ask your team and volunteer to donate specific clothes and items

Get involved!

If this is something that your organisation would like to get involved in, please complete this short form which you can access by clicking here or using this link:

Please note that we require the following FOR VOLUNTEERS, particularly if you come into the hotels:

  • Completed safeguarding training
  • Must be fully vaccinated
  • Over 18 year old
  • Must adhere to Covid19 rules and wear a mask at all time
  • DBS checked
  • Understanding and emotional availability is a must
  • Experience in Safeguarding ideal Emotional intelligence and availability is essential
  • Understanding other cultures and religions is essential Flexible ethos

Finally, if you have any questions please contact [email protected]