Published 1 June 2021

What is Volunteers’ Week? 

It's a time to say thanks! 

Volunteers’ Week 2021 kicks off today, 1 June 2021, with the theme for Day 1 as: #ATimetoSayThanks! It is a time to say thanks for the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

Volunteers’ Week is supported and celebrated by small grassroots organisations as well as larger, household-name charities, who together run hundreds of activities across the UK. These activities showcase and celebrate volunteers and the contribution volunteering makes in our communities. 

Volunteers’ Week 2021 is a time to say thanks. It goes without saying that volunteers have played a key role in the pandemic response. During an exceptionally difficult year, people from all walks of life around the UK have taken the time to volunteer and make a huge difference their communities – just as they do every year. 

Join us to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make. We want to start the week by saying a huge thank you to our Community Southwark and Healthwatch Southwark volunteers:

Caitriona O'Connor is a Resource and Content Volunteer with our volunteering team. Caitriona shares her experience with us about being a volunteer, including what she has learnt as a result of volunteering:

Catrinoas volunteer story

Why did you decide to get involved with this volunteer team role? What did you want to get out of being involved?

"I found myself with some spare time and decided I would like to volunteer with a local organisation in Southwark, as a way to become a more active citizen and give back to my local community. Joining Community Southwark as a volunteer has been a great experience, as I've met lovely people and gained experience which I can now add to my CV. It's also made me feel more connected to my community and has been a great way to find out more about all of the small charities and organisations in my local area."

Read Catriona's full story here


Patricia Kanneh-
Fitzgerald is a Community Health Ambassador volunteer with our Social Action Team: Community Health Ambassadors Network. Patricia tell about the skills she has developed and what difference it has made to her.

Patricia Kanneh-Fitzgerald

What skills have you developed through your experience of volunteering with the Health Ambassadors Network?
  • "listening attentively to others.
  • understanding that people's fears are real and they need empathy, education and encouragement.
  • Using social mediums on a regular basis.
  • Leadership skills - chairing meetings."

Read Patricia's full story here

Why volunteer?

As these stories demonstrate, there are so many good reasons to volunteer!

  • Volunteering is a fulfilling way to give back to the community, and helping others makes you feel great in return. 
  • As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers' wellbeing too. 

How to start your volunteer 

Want to volunteer bit not sure where to start? Community Southwark can help you start your volunteer journey. Book a 1to1 Volunteer Advice appointment with our Volunteer Adviser and we will help you to see what opportunities there are in the borough. We will help to match you with a charity or group that you are interested in. 

How can you say Thank you?

Join us on 24 June to say a big THANK YOU to all our wonderful Southwark volunteers at our *June 2021 Southwark Stars* volunteer awards ceremony This year we are holding the event online again, do join us to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful Southwark volunteers. Book your place!

You can also post pictures of your volunteers with thank you messages on social media. Please add our Twitter and Instagram handle on all your posts and we will share them widely: @cosouthwark Please do also share our posts which we will be sharing through the week and use: #VolunteersWeek and #Thankyou hash tags.