In wake of England's third national lockdown, we wanted to reach out to the VCS to hear what support you need at this time.

This National Lockdown Response Survey is to help us understand what additional support you need through lockdown and to present these needs to the Council, the NHS and other decision makers. We need to hear from you to make sure we advocate for changes that are in your interests.

Please complete this survey by Monday 18 January.

The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) is offering additional support to the VCS and other local organisations or groups at this time. This might be in a number of areas, including logistical support (e.g. transport), sourcing volunteers, personal protective equipment (PPE) or specialist equipment. To learn more, click here.

We also request that you help us keep updated on what services are being offered in the community through lockdown. If you have a new COVID-19 response service that you can offer, please register it here.

Your service will be added to our live directory and be linked up to the Community Hub referral system. If you have an existing COVID-19 service registered on out directory that needs updating, please log into airtable to update or email [email protected]

Your response is very important and will take 2 minutes to complete. Thank you!