Published 10th June 2021

Data Science and AI Project Placements: The Masters DAIV

The Data Science and AI Project Placements is a new and exciting opportunity for businesses, local government and third sector organisations to work with the Centre on a joint, data-related project that would involve the use of advanced data analytics.

Selected Masters students will be allocated to organisations to complete the research project over an approximate 10-week period commencing in September 2021. The Masters student will be working closely with the organisation in scoping out the detailed project objectives, milestones and deliverables under the supervision of academic and research staff at the University of Essex and the Centre.

Organisations will benefit from working with the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE) and the Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) postgraduate students at the forefront of data science and artificial intelligence funded by the Centre to bring the project to life and maximise the value of data.

The Data Science and AI Project Placements scheme will enable you to obtain access to specialist skills and expertise that can help you to tackle a problem that your organisation is facing and derive new and useful insights from data and provide you with the opportunity to engage with our academic and research community. 

The scheme is now officially open for applications and the application closing date is 21st June 2021.  

Find out more on their website.  Or you can email: [email protected] for further information.

Placements commence in September 2021 and will last approximately 10 weeks, during which the Masters students will tackle your big challenges through the use of cutting edge analytics.