The new Southwark Plan (NSP), a document that outlines the vision for Southwark over the next decade or so, now moves into the next stage of the approval process known as the Examination in Public (EiP). 

The copy for this page was taken from the Southwark Planning Network email bulletin. The Southwark Planning Network strive to ensure that planning and regeneration in Southwark reflect the needs on Southwark's communities. For more information, please visit their website

While the EiP is fast approaching, this page deals with a few of the finer details to get you ready in advance.

  1. Key dates and links to documents 
  2. Dates when the SPN topic workshops will take place (full details dates/topics to follow)
  3. Preparation you can start now 

1. Key dates

11th December 2020
11th January2021

SPN members / local people confirm in email / writing to the Programme Officer, (email: [email protected]), indicating which EiP session(s), relevant to your representations, you wish to attend, by no later than noon on Monday 11 January 2021. (See below for hearing session details*)

SPN members / local people confirm if they would like a Statement of Common Ground to the council, please email [email protected] by January 11th 2021 and set out the issues where you think we can reach agreement or those where you think we need to consider the information together in order to be helpful to the Inspector. (More details in the letter sent by the council to consultees.)

Council’s response to the MIQs 27th January

27th January 2021

SPN members’ / local people’s written statements in response to the Inspectors’ questions (MIQs) should be submitted no later than 5pm on Wednesday 27 January 2021.

23 February 2021

Hearings 23 February to 25 March - the detailed schedule is on the Council website: EiP89. A summary of this, showing more clearly the list of Matters and the Hearing dates for policies by number is available here

Statements of Common Ground should be submitted by at least the Friday before the relevant hearing session - we are seeking more guidance. 

  • You can only be heard in relation to your soundness objections to those policies or parts of the Plan as per your representations.
  • Additional statements in response to the Inspector’s MIQs and the hearings are not an opportunity to widen the scope of your soundness objections.
Key Documents links council website:

2. Dates when the SPN topic workshops will take place

Southwark Planning Network will schedule topic working groups between 12th-18th January - more details to follow.

3. Preparation to start now

How has the council responded to your comment?  

Check the council response to consultations. The list of examination documents in number order shows document Nos. 91 to 101 contain information about the consultation responses. This includes responses by policy area. There are also responses to the previous consultation in 2020 document Nos. 2 to 13. 

All consultation responses received for the consultation between December 2017 to February 2018 are contained in NSP08B on the EIP Submission Documents.  On the submission page consultation responses are in sub-sections following each of the policy areas. 

What MIQs has the Inspector raised on this issue?

Check the list of Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs) 

Note that some of the policy numbers and subject titles have changed since the 2018 NSP submission version. Only the 2020 submission version numbers are used on the Timetable for the Hearings sessions. If you commented in the 2018 or 2019 consultations find their 2020 version policy numbers to find the date for their Hearing session. 

Who else has commented on this? 

See above - look through documents by theme, see who else has responded.  The guidance says: It is important that participants familiarise themselves with relevant representations, hearing statements and any other submitted written material before the hearings begin. 

What do you want to see happen? What working would you suggest?

The purpose of the EiP is to ensure that the plan is properly prepared but ultimately to resolve issues and get the plan approved.

Tackling this work is easier  working with others. We hope that the SPN topic working groups will help people to work together and work through the most important issues. But do start informing your own local contacts and groups straight away.

At the SPN meeting there was a query on the 3000 word limit on written statements, this is national guidance. EiPs generate huge volumes of information so being concise benefits both the inspector and indeed accessibility for other participants. 

More information 

If you would like to know more about SPN and how we are supporting local people in Southwark with the New Southwark Plan Consultation and Examination in Public, please visit our website:
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