The Health Inequalities Framework was approved by Southwark Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board in September 2020 and Public Health Southwark is now seeking your views about the action plans for the five priorities within the framework.  

(Published 25 March 2021, last updated: 30 March 2021)

Health inequalities are unjust and systematic differences in health between different groups of people. Health inequalities can be influenced by a range of factors including, race, age, disability, socio-economic status and geography. Covid-19 has also exacerbated existing health inequalities. 

The Public Health team (in Southwark Council) have developed a new Health Inequalities Framework to tackle the widening health inequalities within Southwark. The Framework incorporates findings from Southwark Stands Together engagements and addresses the other influences of inequalities e.g. age, disability and socio-economic factors. 

The Public Health team are collating past engagements, recent surveys and community research to develop the framework actions. Community empowerment and coproduction are integral to the framework, we need productive conversations to bring about change.  

You can contribute your views, research, and findings to the next steps of the framework. Action plans are being developed for the priorities in the framework and we need your voice to ensure this process is inclusive and well informed.

Fill out the form here:

You can fill out this form and email your responses to Tizzy Keller at [email protected] Please do so by Friday, 16th April 2021

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You can find out more about the framework here.