We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who took the time to fill in our Annual Members’ Survey, we are extremely grateful. We had 110 member organisations complete it in total! 

Published 30 March 2021

We know we have adapted and changed our ways of working to enable us to support you through this very difficult pandemic, but have we been successful? Have we adapted in the right areas? Are there any gaps? This feedback will give us an invaluable insight into where we have adapted well with our support and where we need to improve. 

What's next?

Next we will compile all your responses into a short report and share this with you.

Below we have pulled out a handful of your responses to give some examples of your feedback, ahead of our report.

Some initial responses:

Training and events are all very professional, informative, great for networking and overall, very professionally run 
Perhaps offer support within small groups for individuals/organisations with similar goals so they are all able to gain knowledge/insight from each other as well as the facilitator 
We’d like more networking with local businesses and organisations so we can establish fundraising partnerships, raise awareness of employee fundraising/corporate partnerships to provide unrestricted income and real local impact. 
Thank you to the team at CS for adapting and delivering some fantastic training, networking and 1:1 opportunities during this challenging year. The networks I've attended have enabled our organisation and our participants issues to be heard by Cabinet Members and for us to learn from professionals. Thank you! 

It will take us around a month to go through all of your responses and set them out clearly in a readable document. We promise we will do this as quickly as we can so that we can share the results with you by the beginning of May 2021. 


And the winner is...!

And now to what you have all been waiting for with bated breath – the winner of our prize draw! We are very happy to announce that the winner is: Daughters of Divine Love Training & Assessment Centre DDLTAC (UK)Congratulations! We will be in touch to let you know how we will get the £100 to you.  

If anyone has any questions about the survey, please don't hesitate to get in touch: [email protected] 

Our training and support

As usual we have lots of useful training coming up, take a look at our website here. Also, if you would like some support for your charity, please contact our VCS Support team on: [email protected]