If you are a LGBTQ+ person in need of support then have a look at some of the organisations offering help in Southwark.

(Published 18 Feb)

February is LGBT History Month, and although it is a great time to remember the amount of progress that has been made, it is also important to recognise how far is still left to go. LGBTQ+ people still face various barriers, and there is a long way left until true equality is reached. 

If you are an LGBTQ+ person in need of support then there are many organisations in Southwark which are able to help you. Have a look at the list below for some of the options available. 

If you are in a position to give support then these organisations are also a great way to help the LGBTQ+ community in Southwark, and beyond.

Immigration and asylum support


The UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) supports LGBTQ+ people through the asylum and immigration system. They do this by providing psychosocial and emotional support to those seeking asylum, to help reduce social isolation and increase self-esteem. They also provide legal advice for LGBTQ+ people who want to live in the UK with their partners. Additionally, they campaign for improved treatment for those seeking asylum.

Micro Rainbow

Micro Rainbow is a charity dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees. They help people build their lives in the UK through offering employability and moving on support. They run a social inclusion programme to help build friendships and support, as they recognise the extreme isolation that many LGBTQ+ people face. They also provide safe houses dedicated solely to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees.

Support for LGBTQ+ people of colour

Purple Rain Collective

Purple Rain Collective is a space for queer, trans and intersex people of colour in the UK to organise and mobilise. The collective come together to be there for one another in ways that prioritise their care, safety and wellbeing.

Naz Project

Naz is a BAME-led sexual health agency working to address sexual health inequalities in black and ethnic minority communities. As well as offering HIV support and running community projects, they provide free/low cost counselling and psychotherapy to those experiencing difficulties with their sexuality, sexual health and relationships.

Support for the LGBTQ+ disabled community


Parapride are aiming to make more fully accessible LGBTQ+ spaces in the UK. They work with social venues, public spaces and online platforms to create inclusive events and social opportunities that cater specifically to the needs of all those living with disabilities, mental health and chronic health conditions and impairments. They also hold training and workshops for venues in order to help them become more aware of the needs of the LGBTQ+ disabled community.

Support for older LGBTQ+ people

Opening Doors

Opening Doors helps LGBTQ+ people over 50 through activities, events, support and information. They also provide training for professionals to help them better understand the needs of this community.

Other organisations

Metro Charity

Metro Charity offers help to anyone experiencing issues relating to sexuality, gender, equality, diversity and identity. They have a number of services on offer, with the full list available here. They also aim to influence decision makers in order to effect positive change.

Southwark LGBT Network

Southwark LGBT Network aims to build and strengthen LGBTQ+ communities in the borough to improve the quality of life of those who live, work, study or socialise here and reduce vulnerability to hate crime, harassment and discrimination.


Stonewall have been at the forefront of the campaign for LGBTQ+ people since their foundation in 1989. They work with other organisations to help empower individuals, transform institutions, change hearts and minds, and change and protect laws.


cliniQ provides holistic sexual health, wellbeing and mental health support for trans, non-binary and gender diverse people. They offer inclusive sexual health services (including smear tests, STI screenings and hormone injections), counselling, peer support and more. 

SLaM LGBTQ Wellbeing Group

The South London and Maudsley Talking Therapies service runs a specialist online support group for LGBTQ people experiencing mental health problems like depression and anxiety. It is based on CBT principles and runs for 8 sessions. You can find out how to self-refer into the Talking Therapies service here or ask your GP.

Mind (Lambeth and Southwark)

Mental health charity Mind also have their own list of LGBTQ+ support for:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Low cost or free councelling
  • Housing advice
  • Trans support
  • Lesbian services,
  • Drugs and alcohol advice
  • General advice helplines
  • Sexual health

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Photo credit: Karl Bewick from Unsplash