We are delighted to receive 6-months funding from the London Community Response Fund (Wave 3) to employ a dedicated Development Officer (ethnic minority groups). We will be looking at continuation funding for the post holder who will be focusing on supporting local Ethnic Minority-Led VCOs to increase their capacity, capabilities and increase collaboration between them by: 

-Providing 1:1 support and training on funding and sustainability, equality impact assessments, good governance and using the Good Governance Code, budgeting and project management, strategic planning and other capacity-building needs.    

-Working with the whole local VCS sector to ensure it has living and meaningful equality policies and procedures works towards increasing equality and diversity and understands statutory equality impact assessments. 

-Running appropriate networks to tackle issues surrounding equality, diversity and racism, ensuring that Ethnic Minority voices are heard at all levels of local decision making.

In the meantime, if you could like to join our BAME Network or Latin American Groups Network, please contact [email protected]