Published 26 May

Civil Society Consulting CIC is offering free support to community organisations and/ mentoring for their social action leaders. Their government-funded initiative is called Steps to Recovery. 

Targeted towards groups that are primarily led by or serving ethnic minorities, organisations are able to receive up to
four days of support. After an initial one-to-one information and advice session, we will co-produce a checklist of actions based on your organisation’s specific needs. The checklist may include support, guidance and advice relating to or in the form of:

  • evidencing need
  • evidencing impact
  • support with funding applications
  • mapping funders
  • business strategy
  • project design
  • mentoring
  • communications advice
  • training
  • creating organisational policies (e.g. safeguarding, GDPR and ED&I)

To get in touch, please email [email protected]. Please also fill out this baseline survey, which will allow the team to hit the ground running in their first meeting with you. 

Steps to Recovery is part of the 'Community Champions’ programme, managed by SFI and Ostro Fayre Share Foundation, that supports and empowers grassroots organisations, community and faith leaders, making them stronger so that they can better share public health information within their communities.

Civil Society Consulting CIC is based in Southwark; however, the programme is open to all organisations working with minority communities anywhere in the country.

Read more about the programme here