Statisticians for Society is a pro bono scheme that connects professional statisticians and charitable organisations.

Originally launched as a pilot project in 2017, the scheme has become an effective way for organisations to receive support from statistical experts at no cost. Our volunteer statisticians have been linked with over 60 organisations, helping them fulfil their charitable aims and objectives.

How statisticians can help third sector organisations

Statisticians collect, analyse and present data across a range of industries and topics. They are experts at using different methods and tools in gathering data and making conclusions.

Whilst third sector organisations understand the value of data and evidence, many are not able to afford the cost of bringing statistical experts to process their data. Statisticians can provide the appropriate tools and guidance needed to gain insights into data. They can help organisations use data in making better decisions and service improvements, and to fully demonstrate the value of their work.

Express your interest

If you are a third sector organisation looking for pro bono support, or a statistician/data scientist interested in volunteering, visit information for organisations and volunteers pages.