Word from the Chair, Karima:  

Over the past few months, we have been meeting on a regular basis, working hard to ensure that we, as a committee, understand each other better so we can work with you all.  We are excited to start the New Year, 2021, with a meeting so we can start putting Southwark R.E.A.C.H Alliance on the map and ensure that our voices can be heard to make a difference in the wider community of Southwark. 

We look forward to seeing your faces virtually at the meeting and to get this ball rolling; hearing you share your suggestions and for us to update you ourselves.  In the meantime, stay safe and have a wonderful holiday in the best way you can.  See you then😀 

Next meeting:    

The first meeting for 2021 is scheduled for 19th January, 10.30 - 12.30pm via Zoom.

This will give us all the opportunity to decide what key areas the alliance should be focusing on for the next year or so. An agenda will be sent out closer to the time. Book your place here.

This alliance is only as strong as its members. We encourage you to join this community and work together to raise your voices. 


What's been happening: 

Alongside setting aims and objectives, changing the name and electing a committee, members of the alliance have been able to participate in a variety of different projects:
  • ZS Associates offered an intensive day of pro-bono consultancy to some of our members on 25th September. Feedback from attendees was amazing, with organisations ending their sessions feeling 'reinvigorated', 'inspired' and 'refocussed'. 

  • Groups were able to attend a variety of Southwark Council's round table events as part of the 'Southwark Stands Together' initiative and offer feedback. This has led to a partnership between R.E.A.C.H and the council, to help develop a community engagement toolkit, which you will have chance to feed into in January 2021.

  • ​R.E.A.C.H Alliance members made representations to Guys and St Thomas Charity on whether, two statues of Robert Clayton and Thomas Guy, which are located at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill and St Thomas Hospital, Westminster should be removed. Both these individuals accumulated a lot of their wealth from the Transatlantic Slave trade.


Join the Alliance!     

Southwark R.E.A.C.H Alliance is a network for; voluntary and community sector organisations and community groups led by a majority Black and minority ethnic teams, and/or serving predominantly Black and minority ethnic communities, and not-for-profit social enterprises working for the benefit of their local communities.
  • Feed into the decision making that affects Black and minority ethnic communities
  • Raise the voices of your communities and be part of change
  • Join forces and collaborate with likeminded organisations
  • Tap into support, news and events which are tailored to Black and minority ethnic groups. 
If you'd like to join the network, please email: [email protected]

In the meantime: 

Up until the end of 31st of March, Community Southwark have these special services targeted at Black and minority ethnic organisations:
  • Training in managing your finances and financial planning  
  • 1-1 support on specific organisational development issues  
  • Gentle introduction into looking for partnership and collaboration with other organisations working in your field
Please contact [email protected] for more information. 


Immediate Consultations you can influence:    

  • Brunel museum would like as many people as possible from Black and minority ethnic communities to have their say about the future of the museum, and how it can be made more attractive to them.

    Brunel Museum have applied for funding to transform the site with a new visitor building, a refreshed exhibition space and a wider range of events and activities for local people. The museum currently tends to attract an older, white, male audience, and they want to make the museum more appealing for families, young people, and local residentsRead more and take survey.

  • Don't let Brexit affect your community's rights to settle in the UK

    If your community needs more awareness of how individuals can apply for EU settlement, there is a chance of some money becoming available for organisations and others to help them with this, but they need to make a case for it.  
    Please can you fill out this survey before 10th January 2021, as your responses will help us at Community Southwark build a better case for you receiving funding support.  Read more
  • As part of R.E.A.C.H Alliance, your opinion on social prescribing really matters!

    Social prescribing 20201:  A 10-minute survey for community groups: PLEASE COMPLETE THE ONLINE SURVEY HERE 

    Your opinions from the REACH network perspective will help improve Social Prescribing for communities in Southwark during the COVID recovery in 2021.  People in Southwark need a connection to their local communities more than ever!

    The aim of social prescribing is to help people live their lives as well as possible, by linking them to local advice and social activities to support health and wellbeing through a GP, nurse or Link Worker.

    If you want to complete the survey over the phone in January: Please call 020 7358 7745,  Monday - Wednesday,  or email [email protected] for more information.