The economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis will be profound, far-reaching and difficult to predict. Many will arise over the longer term, some are already with us and others will come about as society continues to emerge from lockdown.  

Southwark Council are therefore developing an economic renewal plan with immediate, short, medium and long term priorities, set around four key themes of: employment & skills, business, high streets and town centresand wellbeing.

Prioritising in this fashion will ensure that the council's resources are targeted for maximum local impact in the short term, such as vital support for key local employment sectors most heavily impacted by the crisis, but done in tandem with longer term planning and strategy development, combined with tireless lobbying of central Government on behalf of our local residents and businesses. 

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Download the full Southwark Economic Renewal Plan plan here and please email your feedback to our Policy & Participation Officer Anita Acquaah: [email protected]