Identifying a lack of research into single parent discrimination, the Single Parent Rights’ campaign undertook a piece of research late that year into single parents’ views and experiences of single parent discrimination.

The research centred around an online survey with open and closed questions, and follow up discussions with 24 single parents. The survey was promoted through 350+organisations and hundreds of influencers on social media. It received 1146 responses (1083 of whom were single parents).

Research findings

80% of single parents experienced discrimination, including 16% who reported maybe and went on to provide details of the discrimination. When combined with those who had not experienced discrimination but believed it to exist or maybe exist, this figure becomes a shocking 96% of single parents.

96% of single parents wanted single parents added as a protected characteristic in the Equality Act, and 3% thought maybe single parents should be given protected status.

The full report (available for download below) provides the breakdown of all the survey results, including how intersectionality means some single parents face heightened discrimination. You can also scroll down to hear from single parents how discrimination impacts them and their families in their own words, and our recommendations on how to end single parent discrimination.

Download report

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels