Published: 2 June 2021

It’s day two of volunteers week, and we celebrating the contributions children and young people make to society through volunteering and social action! #PowerOfYouthDay

Reap the benefits!

There are plenty benefits of young people getting into volunteering, for both the volunteer and the organisations they help.

For young people, it gives them opportunities to feel they are contributing to the society, and that they have things to offer other people. Volunteering also develops young people’s confidence, skills and employability, and can reduce anti-social behaviour in active communities. 

For organisations, as well as increasing the organisation’s capacity to deliver services, young volunteers bring unique skills and an ‘energy’ and ‘vibrancy’ into the organisation and its way of working. Young people can make valuable contributions to the development of new programmes/projects. It can open new opportunities to develop new partnerships and networks with other local and national organisations, as well as improve the image of the organisation among young people in the community. 1

Find out more about the benefits of volunteering in our guide, here.

Thank you from Theatre Peckham!

Theatre Peckham are taking the #TimeToSayThanks to two of their young volunteers, Joe and Jess, who started volunteering with them during the lockdown in 2020.

Both are doing amazing work to help support the young people at Theatre Peckham and their parents. Read more below:

Joe volunteered at Theatre Peckham between Jan and March 2020, supported the Academy Manager, the tutors and assistants. He was a great addition to the team as he supported the work done with and by children and young people. He went above and beyond in his role. He managed and was in charge of the Library project, which offers free books to children and young people from the local community – spreading Literature and nourishing reading skills for young people who might not have access to books etc. 

Since September 2020 Joe has also been volunteering to support the face-to-face delivery of classes as the Coordinator Assistant volunteer on Saturdays. At only 14 years of age Joe’s maturity and dedication deserves to be highly commended.

Jess started volunteering in September 2020, supporting the work done by the students, mainly via Online delivery at TP. She offered her time to the Academy department by assisting the young people’s development and artistic and creative growth and helped parents who weren’t familiar with Zoom.

Her role was crucial as she ensured the online delivery was maintained to TP standards and also that the young people had fun and stayed safe during sessions. She is also supporting the Academy on developing other programmes to benefit the local young people on achieving their goals.

You’re never too young to give back!

Check out this list of tips, tools and techniques that help children learn about Charity.2

“By raising individuals who learn to appreciate what they have, while understanding that not everyone is as fortunate, we hope to create a better world for generations to come”

  • Donate…

    Go shopping with your child and have them select a toy for a child who may not be as fortunate.  Before you shop, find a charity you would like to donate the toy to and tell your child about that charity.
  • Spring cleaning all year round

    Clean out closets and donate the clothes to a local charity in your area. Tell your child that the clothes that don’t fit them anymore can go to a child who needs them.

  • For sale…

    Make a lemonade stand or start a bake sale and donate some or all of the money to a charity.

  • Kindness Counts…

    Keep a kindness chart and keep track of the wonderful thing your family does to give back to others.

  • Watch it…

    Be a role model for your children.  Practice what you preach.  Share ways you give back to others.

  • Get involved…

    Organise an event in your community that focuses on giving back to others. 

  • Volunteer…

    Volunteer to lend a hand to an organisation and get your whole family involved.

  • Family First…

    Remind your children that family will always be more important than things.  After a fun family day talk about how much fun it was spending time together. 

  • Teach, Share, Inspire…

    Your friends and family to do the same things you are doing at home.  Kindness is contagious.

Start your volunteering journey!

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