From reading your survey responses and talking to lots of charities and groups at this time, we understand that one of the key things needed to re-open, or continue to work safely, is to re-write your risk assessments.

Many of you run a variety of group activities and so risk assessments are really key to ensure all of your participants and staff are kept safe. 

Risk assessments now need to cover safe social distancing and other Covid-19 related criteria. We know that each risk assessment will need specific details according to each charity's activities and needs, but there will useful parts that other groups can take out and use in their own documents. 

So please share your risk assessments!

If you have updated your risk assessment and you are confident that it is inline with what is required to be Covid-19 safe - please share it! Send it to: [email protected] and we will share it on our website and social media to help other groups.

Support and info

You will also find lots of useful support and information we have out together on Risk Assessments on this page here, including a short video.