Tiger Developments is preparing a proposal for the redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre, in the heart of Peckham town centre. The changes will affect thousands of residents and hundreds of local businesses and change the character of the local economy and the town centre.

There are major redevelopment plans for the Aylesham Centre in the heart of Peckham, and locals are concerned about their scale, nature and impact.

Local activists argue that Tiger Developments consulted on their plans during the August holidays while many are still dealing with or recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 public health emergency and lockdown.

The developers and the Council are being petitioned to collaborate on creating a new, meaningful consultation and have proposals for the new consultation to discuss with Tiger Developments.

Locals say: "important questions about the current plans for the Aylesham Centre site have not yet been answered and more time is needed to devise ways for local people to understand the plans and make meaningful comments."

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The campaign is a collaboration between members of Peckham Vision, Peckham Heritage, Peckham Society and others in the new group: Aylesham Community Action.

Photo credit: https://ayleshamcentreconsultation.co.uk/gallery/