Partnership Southwark draft Recovery Plan is now available hereFurther information about Partnership Southwark is available here.

The Recovery Plan sets out how Partnership Southwark will lead a whole system approach to Southwark’s recovery, from the lock own measures related to COVIID-19, and learning to work in a ‘COVID-19 world’, as well as working together to prevent or manage outbreaks over the next 18 months; with a particular focus on how we address the exacerbated health and social care inequalities that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.

The Plan states: "The need to be mindful of economic impact of COVID on the VCS sector and its resilience.  Partners will need to ensure that in recognising the value of the VCS in supporting our local communities, we take into account the resources required to support this. Local VCS has been and remains at the forefront of the covid-19 response and recovery. Much of the work done by the VCS in the initial stages was possible thanks to the flexibility of its funders who allowed previously restricted funds to be used in line with emerging needs. The VCS will need not only the same level of flexibility but indeed additional funding to play an effective part in the COVID-19 recovery."