Find out where the funds raised by the Community Infrastructure Levy are going to be spent.

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a fee placed on development projects, such as the building of new houses and shops. The money raised from this is then used to support new and existing residents. 

In Southwark £23 million has been raised through this levy since 2015, and 25% of this (almost £6 million) has been designated to community projects.

Local people were consulted and using this information (as well as borough-wide guidelines),  councillors for each ward in Southwark have put together a Community Investment Plan. This plan sets out how the levy is going to be spent.

So where will the money be spent?

Over 40 different projects have received funding in Southwark. The list below indicates the main ways the Community Infrastructure Levy is being used.

Full List of Projects


A large amount of the money raised by the Community Infrastructure Levy has gone to making roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. 


Over £130,000 has been designated for the Camberwell Routes For All Strategy, which aims to provide safer and more accessible routes between key amenities and travel hubs.

Similarly, almost £100,000 has been directed for walking and cycling routes to be made throughout Dulwich Village. These routes will connect to similar initiatives in neighbouring wards.

Community spaces

A significant amount of money has also been designated to Community Spaces in the area.

For instance, in Walworth, £175,000 has been given to improve Walworth Garden and create an environmental learning centre. Also, £150,000 has been allocated to Walworth Living Room in order to bring unused sections of All Saints Hall into public use.

Money has also been given to projects in other wards, such as for an ‘Art-driven’ clean-up of the area surrounding Peckham Rye station.

Play areas

The Community Infrastructure Levy has also been directed to improve play areas in Southwark. Among other projects, Dog Kennel Hill adventure playground has been given money for renovation and Alexis Street park has been granted over £325,000 to fund a major redesign.

More Information

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