The Walworth Group are looking for new organisations to join them in their mission of guiding Walworth through an era of fast change.

Who are The Walworth Group?

This new group brings together community groups, voluntary organisations, the Council, statutory service providers, housing associations and other stakeholders that work within Walworth. They are looking for organisations that operate in Walworth, and have an interest in working for the benefit of the community, to join their partnership.

What are their aims?

The Walworth Group recognise that there is rapid change occurring in Walworth, with a number of different developments underway that could have a significant impact on the local community. However, there is concern from the group that these sort of initiatives can at times happen in isolation, and without proper consultation from the community. Therefore, The Walworth Group hopes to work with existing residents in order to make sure that future developments meet their needs.

One example of the rapid change occurring in Walworth is the hotly disputed regeneration of Aylesbury Estate. This regeneration will have a massive impact on local residents' lives in future years, and demonstrates the importance of having an organisation set up to scrutinise changes, ensuring that the decisions are taken to improve the lives of local people.

Additionally, The Walworth Group has a focus on making sure that development occurs in a way that is beneficial to all. They note the persistent deprivation and structural inequalities that exist in Walworth, despite years of intervention and change and aim to make sure that all future developments are actually beneficial to the community.

How will this be achieved?

The Walworth Group aims to do this by influencing policy so that it best reflects local needs, and making sure that projects planned for the area provide the greatest possible benefits for the neighbourhood. They also promote a participatory and collaborative approach to service provision, and advocate that this should be used to a greater extent in Walworth.

Who is part of The Walworth Group?

There are a number of organisations that are already part of The Walworth Group including 1st Place Children and Parents’ Centre, Pembroke House, Creation Trust and Walworth Society. There are also housing associations such as Notting Hill Genesis, and one seat is reserved for a representative of Southwark Council.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining The Walworth Group then please contact Project Officer Ollie at [email protected]

For more information about The Walworth Group have a look at their Terms of Reference.

Cover photo credit: pixabay