The Walworth Group are looking for new organisations to join them in their mission of bringing about long-term, lasting change in their neighbourhood.

Who are the Walworth Group?

This new group brings together community groups, voluntary organisations, the Council, statutory service providers, housing associations and other stakeholders that work within Walworth (the three wards of North Walworth, Faraday and Newington).

They are looking for organisations that operate in Walworth, and have an interest in collaborative working for the benefit of the neighbourhood, to join their partnership.

Why was the Group set up?

The Group provides a new form of partnership during a time of significant change in Walworth.

New developments – including the physical regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate – will have a significant impact on the local community in the coming years.

Meanwhile, despite decades of social interventions, campaigns and initiatives, Walworth remains an area that experiences high levels of deprivation.

And there are a number of current and forthcoming initiatives with a focus on Walworth, but these can sometimes take place in isolation and lack coordination.

What are their aims?

The Walworth Group is committed to:

  • Working together, and with local residents, to achieve long-term changes to the structural inequalities facing Walworth
  • Advocating for more coordinated, transparent and participatory services
  • Shaping and influencing policy to best reflect and meet local needs
  • Working to ensure local projects and initiatives provide maximum benefit for the community
  • Promoting a thriving neighbourhood, where local people feel safe and secure, can fulfil their potential, and are involved in making decisions about Walworth

Who is part of the Walworth Group?

There are a number of organisations that are already part of the Walworth Group, including 1st Place Children and Parents’ Centre, Pembroke House, Creation Trust and the Walworth Society. There are also housing associations such as Notting Hill Genesis, and one seat is reserved for a representative of Southwark Council.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining the Walworth Group then please contact Projects Officer Ollie at [email protected]

For more information about the Walworth Group, visit their website or have a look at their Terms of Reference.