Trust for London's Poverty Profile provides evidence on and insight into poverty and inequality in London.

It shines a light on these issues to prompt action from local and national government, the third sector, faith groups, practitioners, experts, businesses, the public and indeed anyone who cares about making London a fairer city to live in. You can read more info here.

Southwark's poverty profile

" Southwark is an inner London borough located on the south of the river Thames. Poverty rates here are close to the London average, with 40% of children judged to be living in households in poverty (compared to 38% in the typical London borough). There is a greater-than-average amount of income deprivation in Southwark, with the average neighbourhood 50% more income deprived than an average neighbourhood in London. 

There are slightly higher rates of unemployment and out of work benefit claimants in Southwark at 5.5% of the economically active population and 8.2% of the working age population respectively. However, between 2014/2017 and 2017/2020, the unemployment rate fell sharply (by 2.4 percentage points).

The grid below shows how Southwark compares against London overall on key poverty and inequality indicators. Red text denotes the fact that Southwark is worse than is typical for London on that indicator, and green means it is better "

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How to navigate and access the data:

Trust For London's website has an Introductory video, with information on how to navigate and access the data. The below video was taken from a Superhighways webinar in July 2020 as TFL's Director of Policy, Manny Hothi, talks you through it.