Southwark Council encourages more people who live in council homes to get involved in decisions about council housing. As part of this council residents can now:

  • find out about and register for their next local housing forum meeting
  • nominate themselves to become the chair of their local housing forum
  • nominate themselves to join the tenants' forum or homeowners' forum. 

1. Join in your local housing forum

Our first Local Housing Forum virtual meetings took place in July and were a success with over 200 people taking part. The next round of meetings is taking place in September and anyone who lives in a council home, including council-owned temporary accommodation, can now book their space.

When are the meetings and what will be discussed?

The next meetings will take place between 22 and 29 September and topics will include:

  • Feedback on previous meeting
  • Housing service updates for your area.
  • Election of a resident to chair the meetings
  • Election of representatives to the new Tenants and Homeowners Forum

Due to the current pandemic these meetings will be held virtually on Zoom. You can reserve your place on Zoom.

>> Register to attend now

Which forum meeting you should attend

There are five different housing forums, each covering a different part of the borough. You can check which housing forum you should attend on our website.

2. Nominate yourself to become your local housing forum chair

By having a resident chair this meeting we will ensure that the meetings cover relevant topics and are shaped by residents for residents. You would need to commit to attend four meetings a year. Experience in chairing meetings is not necessary as training and support will be given. Self nominations need to be received by 10 September.

>> Complete a self nomination now

3. Nominate yourself to represent your housing forum in the tenants' or homeowners' forum. 

You can now also nominate yourself to represent your local forum at the new tenants' or homeowners' forum. This might be for you, if you are able to commit to attend about nine evening meetings a year. You don’t need to have previous experience as we will offer free training and support to help you fulfil this role.  

>> Complete a self nomination now