Published: 24th February 2022

The Southwark Council cabinet agreed the following recommendations, concerning VCS access to the councils premises, at its meeting on 2nd February 2022:

1. That the commissioning of a project to define a comprehensive approach to using property assets to support the local voluntary and community sector (VCS), with a clear, transparent, consistently applied process and criteria for informing the allocation and use of community spaces be agreed

2. That it be noted that a specification for commissioning advisors will be developed and finalised by the VCS premises board which includes community representatives.

3.That interim arrangements be developed, including the piloting of a new process to match supply of premises to prioritised demand, that fulfils the council’s objectives, using a draft allocations methodology.

4. That the working definition of local VCS groups in scope as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed.

5. That as part of the project to develop draft model lease terms for lettings to VCS groups, in new lettings, the regularising of unlicenced occupation, and at lease renewal be agreed.

6. That it be agreed to prioritise, for the time being and where it is feasible to do so, lettings for uses that demonstrate a clear contribution to advancing the objectives of Southwark Stands Together, community recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, and continuing work to establish key community and cultural centres in line with council plan commitments and priorities.

7.That officers to report on the project’s progress in approximately six months’ time.

8.That the project be co-produced with community representatives including representatives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (including representation on the working group).

Further information and the above mentioned Appendix 1 is here