This year Southwark Council has joined forces with Lambeth Council and London’s largest holiday provision provider Kitchen Social, a Mayor’s Fund for London initiative, to host an exciting summer programme of food and activities across the two boroughs called ‘Lambeth and Southwark’s Summer of Food and Fun’.

There will be 85 programmes for children of different ages and with different interests for an inclusive and holistic programme of nutritious meals and fun activities for children and young people (4-19 years old), their families and/or carers.

The programmes will be held at local hubs or delivered remotely to accommodate social distancing guidance. The programme will run for 6 weeks between the 22nd July and 2nd September.

The programme will provide an array of activities, including:

  • fun food education
  • arts and crafts
  • theatre
  • a wide range of physical activities.

The online brochure is now live and available here, providing a list of programmes across the two boroughs and other relevant support services.

Register online

Families can register for the programme online at

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].