Become a member of Community Southwark to get access to a range of resources, and be a part of a collective voice for Southwark’s Charitable Sector!

Community Southwark’s networks

Our Networks bring together different community and voluntary groups across Southwark. The aim is to foster a collaborative approach between these organisations, in order to further their overlapping aims. 

There are a range of different networks covering a wide scope of causes. For instance, R.E.A.C.H. is a network of organisations that aim to be a voice for Black and Ethnic Minority communities. Other networks are focused on mental health, food security, universal credit, as well as a range of other causes. Please look here for more information about all the different Community Southwark Networks. There are meetings several times a year in order to discuss the problems facing different groups, and how to mitigate against these issues.

Southwark Voice

Each network elects one person as a representative to join Southwark Voice, and speaks on behalf of their network at quarterly meetings. Issues affecting the networks are discussed, and representatives work collaboratively to identify solutions to these problems. Representatives also give feedback to their network about what has been discussed in these meetings.

Using the information gathered from the discussions at Southwark Voice, we can represent the views of Southwark's Charitable sector to key decision making bodies. 

Why you should become a member

Becoming a member of Community Southwark will allow you access to these networks and all the opportunities afforded as a result. Joining a network is a great way of networking and meeting new people and organisations who share a similar mission to your own group. By connecting with groups with similar aims you can further collective aims, through mutual support and knowledge exchange. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to contribute to Southwark Voice, and get your opinion across to key policy makers such as Local Government.

Other benefits of joining Community Southwark

As well as gaining access to Community Southwark’s Networks, becoming a member brings a range of other benefits, such as access to free training and 1:1 VCS support, as well as discounts on our consultancy services and the opportunity to stand or vote at our AGM. Please see below to view our membership offer: 

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How to join

It is free of charge to become a member of Community Southwark. Click here if you would like to become a member or contact Anita our Policy and Partnership officer at [email protected] for more information on our networks.

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