Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They help to make the UK the sixth most giving country in the world.

Trustees play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work.

Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.

Governance Training: 4 Nov 2020

We are running some useful training this Wednesday 4 November: 'Good Governance - The Right Way'. This two-hour evening session for is for trustees and management committee members to provide an overview on what good governance is and why it's so important. Grab a place here if you are a new trustee or would like a refresher.

Trustee roles

If you are interested in becoming a trustee then do have a look through our web pages here where we list all the latest trustee and volunteering opportunities in the borough.

Are you a trustee?

If you are and you would like to share with us why you became a trustee and what you get out of it/ the benefits and if you would recommend being a trustee, (via an image and quote, a video, a short article). Please send them to: [email protected] and we'll share these on our website and social media channels.

How to get involved in Trustees' Week?

The Charity Commission have lots of information and different ways of how you can get involved in Trustees Week on their website here. One is to email them if you would like them to add an event to the list on their website, email: [email protected] you can also fill in a form direct on their website: Trustees Week events and send it back to them.