Published 18 June 2021

Simple Tips, Big Impact! - It's Day 5 of Small Charity Week: #BigImpactDay

By Samantha Kennedy, our Evaluation and Impact Officer 

Over the last year small local charities in Southwark have provided an incredible amount of urgent and necessary support to our communities From befriending services to delivering food parcels, local small organisations responded to increased demand and changing needs by pivoting and tailoring their services to their local communities. 

So how do we make all of this great work visible? We report on our impact!  

When most of us think of reporting impact, we think of long annual reports, complicated data collection or specialist graphic design techniques and tools, but reporting impact is simpler than we think.  

To help you demonstrate the profound impact your organisation has on your beneficiaries and community, especially during the past year, we’ve compiled three easy tips:

Use a free digital graphics tool 

You may see very stylish and visually bold graphics in impact reports or on websites and think, ‘Can I do that?!’ You can! There are wonderful free tools out there that are easy to use and will give you professional design templates and features so you can create powerful impact stories, social media posts, and infographics. One such tool is Canva , which is free to use and has a ‘Pro’ version that is also free for not-for-profits. It has thousands of design templates and allows you to easily customise and brand each piece of content. Community Southwark even has a short, 30-minute webinar on getting started with Canva, find it here (hyperlink?)! Some other design tools that are worth checking out are: VismeAdobe SparkSnappa.  

2. Social Media 

Reporting and showcasing your impact isn’t just for annual impact reports.  It can be done all year long and in smaller doses! Try selecting an impactful photo, statistic or quotation that showcases your work -this could be a photo of your volunteers and beneficiaries engaging in activities together, or a short quote that demonstrates your impact on beneficiaries’ lives and share it on your social media channels across the year. You can even use some of this content in your impact reports. 

3. Website 

Remember that your website is your public profile and a great place to upload impact stories as well! You could post short quotations from your beneficiaries on your homepage, statistics demonstrating your activities throughout your webpage content, or include a longer case study that tells a beneficiary’s journey from before, during and after engaging with your services!   

*Remember to ask for permission before posting your beneficiaries’ stories and quotations  

Make Your Mark Programme 

If you’d like to learn more about demonstrating your impact, our Make Your Mark Programme is starting up again soon, please register your interest below. Also check out our monitoring & evaluation resources here.  

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Get involved!

Please tweet us if you are up to anything for #BigAdviceDay: @cosouthwark. Plus, take a look at what's happening for Big Advice Day on the NCVO website here and get involved. 

Let's say thank you: #SouthwarkStars2021

We want to say a huge thank you to all our small charities and this also includes the amazing volunteers who have signed up to support them. We are holding our annual Southwark Stars Awards Ceremony on the 24 June at 6pm, please do join us to say thank you to all of our Southwark volunteers. Grab a place here