Published 17 June 2021

It's Small Charity Week 2021 #FundraisingDay: MISTAKES ARE THE ANSWER TO GRANT FUNDING SUCCESS!

By David Reid, our VCS Support Officer (Ethnic Minority Community Organisations)

How often have you heard the saying that “learning from the mistakes of others makes you wiser”? 

Applying to Trusts and Foundations for grants are an important source of funding especially when you are a small not for profit or charity it can be the most profitable source of income generation in terms of returns on time and resources invested in producing and application compared with the high returns you could achieve with the total amount of grant awarded.  

But how can small charities increase their chances of getting funding. Apart from producing a good application you can increase your chances by avoiding some very common mistakes.  

Below are my top 10 reasons why funding applications fail. This list has been produced through my 25 years’ experience of being a grants assessor on numerous funding programmes and currently chair of a Southwark Based grant making charity 

My Top 10 Reasons why applications fail  
  1. Did not read guidelines  
  2. Sent large amounts of unnecessary information   
  3. Application was poorly presented  
  4. Did not state how funds would be used  
  5. Did not read the instructions for making an application 
  6. Did not send a copy of their accounts 
  7. Did not make it clear that it was a charity 
  8. The application was impersonal and mass produced. 
  9. Information sent was insufficient for a decision to be made  
  10. Did not state the amount of funding needed.   

But please bear in mind that even good applications will often be turned down as many Trusts and Foundations are swamped with applications and often do not have enough money to award . 

If you are able to avoid all of the above mistakes you will increase your chances of your funding application being successful. 

Happy grant writing! 

How can we support you? 

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Let's say thank you: #SouthwarkStars2021

We want to say a huge thank you to all our small charities and this also includes the amazing volunteers who have signed up to support them. We are holding our annual Southwark Stars Awards Ceremony on the 24 June at 6pm, please do join us to say thank you to all of our Southwark volunteers. Grab a place here