Published 16 June 2021

It's Day 3 of Small Charity Week 2021! #PolicyDay

By Anita Acquaah, our VCS Policy & Participation Officer 

At Community Southwark, we facilitate a 
range of networks, from Mental Health, to Older People and Safeguarding, to the Latin American Network. We are currently refreshing our Small Groups Network and we’re excited to create a space where small groups can collaborate, support one another and influence local policy. 

Our Small Group Network members have emphasised the importance of small groups not being forgotten and the need for recognition. Small groups need to have their voices heard and influencing policy is one way in which this can be done. The team at Community Southwark have created a useful document on methods to influence the local authority which is beneficial for not-for-profit organisations, including small groups.  

At the Small Group Network meetings, we hear updates from members, share learning and discuss ideas to move the network forward. It was great in the last network meeting, offers from our members regarding the use of spaces, including even a market stall that other small groups can use to showcase their organisations. Supporting each other, particularly in these unprecedented times we have experienced due to the covid-19 pandemic, is vital and we are happy to share any opportunities and offers on our website. Please send these to: [email protected]  

You can read more about the Small Groups Network on our website and if you have any queries about membership, please email [email protected]  


How can we support you? 

If you’d like any support for your organisation, book a 30-minute Organisational Support Appointment here

Also, take a look at the training we are running and our useful resources.

Get involved!

Please tweet us if you are up to anything for #PolicyDay: @cosouthwark. Plus, take a look at what's happening for Policy Day on the NCVO website here and get involved. 

Let's say thank you: #SouthwarkStars2021

We want to say a huge thank you to all our small charities and this also includes the amazing volunteers who have signed up to support them. We are holding our annual Southwark Stars Awards Ceremony on the 24 June at 6pm, please do join us to say thank you to all of our Southwark volunteers: Grab a place here