Find out how you can get involved in protecting Southwark's built environment.

Why is it important to get involved?

Southwark is experiencing some of the fastest regeneration in London. Although this can create lots of opportunities, it also brings some challenges, such as the competing needs it puts on the built environment.

It is important that Southwark adapts to the change going on, but it is also worth bearing in mind that these changes will impact local communities and economies for generations. It is vital that affordable housing and local businesses are protected.

By getting involved with these issues you can help protect your community and hold government and businesses to account!

Southwark’s Historical Environment Consultation

Southwark council is currently carrying out a consultation to try to get people's views on regeneration and heritage buildings. This will shape the councils policies, so will have a big impact on the future of Southwark's built environment.

It is important that you tell the council what sort of buildings you consider important, as this will decide what the council considers to be a heritage building. The information gathered in the survey will help decide which buildings should be protected. 

Online Survey

Other ways I can get involved 

Join a campaign group

There are also other ways to get involved. Have a look at this list of campaign groups in Southwark who are working to protect their homes and community.

Get involved with Southwark Planning Network

You can also get involved with the Southwark Planning Network, who are a group of residents and small business owners from across the borough. They are working together to try to get more local people to have a say in the development which is going on in their area.

More information

To find out more about planning, development and regeneration issues in Southwark click here.

For more information then please contact Myles at [email protected] 

Photo credit: image by Andres Garcia from Unsplash