Southwark Public Health is working with the Southwark Culture, Health and Wellbeing Partnership (SCHWeP) to develop a plan for an innovative health inequalities engagement project. The aim of this work is to bring people together to have conversations about health inequalities in a creative way, to showcase examples of residents and communities that have been involved in initiatives and programmes to equalise health and generate a resource bank of projects that bring the issues in the Health Inequalities framework to life and illustrate what can be done to tackle them. Please see the draft engagement plan with more details. The work is being conducted as part of the Southwark Stands Together health recommendations. It would be great to get the thoughts of the local VCS on the plan and particularly ways to get community groups involved in this project.

As part of this work, they want to showcase examples of innovative engagement so it would be really helpful if you can send over details/ links to examples of interesting and creative community engagement you have been a part of. They want to use this opportunity to showcase the great work communities are doing that address health inequality so any examples you have on this would be great!

If you would like to take part please contact Tizzy Keller, Public Health Policy Officer (Social Regeneration & Inequalities) via