Given the Government's announcement at the start of this week, we find ourselves faced again with another lockdown. We are certainly better prepared this time round, but we understand the difficulties this poses to us all.  

It is so important for us within the volunteering team at Community Southwark to know what organisations are functioning during the lockdown, so we can be on hand to help. It also would be important for us to know if you unable to function currently and if there is support you might need from us?

Firstly, here is a reminder that there are several ways we can support you with your volunteer programme; we can advertise volunteer roles quickly on our website, signpost our pool of volunteers to your volunteer opportunities. Along with Providing you with advice, support, and training and connect you with the sector through our networks and ebulletins.  

We can also match you with one of our corporate partners and you can receive FREE support in skills based and practical team volunteering for your charity. A corporate can help you in different areas of your organisation.

Volunteer Survey

For us to help you, we have put together this quick survey to find out your current situation on the ground which involves volunteers. We would appreciate if you could take a moment to complete it: 

Volunteer survey

Advertise your volunteer roles

If you would like to advertise a new volunteer role with us, please follow this link below:  


What if my project can no longer accept volunteers? 

If you are still receiving volunteering enquires but are unable to accommodate them during the lockdown, please signpost volunteers to us.  

For full details on how to signpost volunteers to us and how volunteers can book in a 1:1 advice appointment to find a suitable volunteering position across Southwark, can be found in: volunteering-during-a-lockdown  

Helping residents stay connected during lockdown: 19 Jan event

We would also like to draw your attention to our upcoming online event, 'Helping residents stay connected during Lockdown'. Please circulate this event to your residents of Southwark, volunteers or non-volunteers, who would benefit from finding out what's going on in the borough during the national lockdown and ways that they can stay supported and connected during this time: book your place here 

Any queries?

If you have any queries, please do get in touch: [email protected]