The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. It helps plan and fund public services, like transport, education and healthcare.

Why does it matter?

  • Gives the most detailed information we have about our society, it tells us what our needs are now, and what they’re likely to be in the future
  • Helps organisations like councils shape policy, allocate resources, plan services, and monitor equality in your local area and across England and Wales
  • Informs where funding is spent over the next 10 years on things like housing, transport, education and health

What does the Census ask?

  • The information we collect during the census helps us to create an in-depth picture of our society.
  • It’ll also identify important trends that’ll help organisations plan services and allocate funding in the future
  • To achieve this, the census asks questions on a range of topics, including information about individuals, such as their name, age, sex and marital status; households, such as family relationships; the homes we live in, such as their location, number of people living there and what facilities they have

How you can help

  • Spreading the word by sharing information via your preferred channels, including social media, meetings, and printed or digital information materials
  • Inviting the Census Engagement Manager (see below) to participate in meetings where possible, so they can explain the census and its importance to your community / members
  • Helping the census team connect to other groups and individuals in your community to help us increase awareness
  • Discussing your questions and concerns about the Census with the census team on an ongoing basis, so these can be addressed and obstacles overcome

More information

Vanessa Fagan | Census Engagement Manager North Southwark

07452 935279 | [email protected] 

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