Published 23 Feb 2022

Free training programme, networking, and coaching for new to the sector charity employees.

Are you a new starter to the charity sector? Fundraising Everywhere are offering a ‘Fresh to the Sector’ training programme to boost your sector skills and grow your network.

They have brought together top sessions from charity experts around the world to teach you the fundraising fundamentals including:

  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Pitching and storytelling
  • Leadership skills
  • Understanding data
  • Relationship building
  • EDI and ethics
  • Digital fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Specialisms including corporate, individual giving, legacies, community

You’ll also receive instant access to all existing webinars and conferences hosted by Fundraising Everywhere since 2019, plus get access to live coaching calls and consultancy hosted monthly by guest experts.

Programme graduates will receive a certificate of completion, paid opportunities to speak at future events, plus ongoing support from the community they’ll get to know during their time with us.

Charity employees that joined the sector in the last twelve months are eligible and free access lasts for six months.

To apply for free, contact [email protected] or sign up on their website.