Published: 5 October 2021

The IARS Institute is offering a free pilot guide for teachers and schools.

1) The Project: FREE from Gender Based Discrimination: Teachers and Parents Together

The FREE project is an EU accredited, Erasmus funded project focused on reducing and challenging gender based discrimination in schools in the UK, Greece, Spain and North Macedonia. One of the core aims of this project is to build the capacities of teachers and raise the awareness of parents on gender-based discrimination, and provide the means to change school cultures that result in pupils, and teachers, experiencing gender based discrimination.

2) The Pilot: Capacity Building for Teachers and School Staff 

FREE partners have now finalised an e-training that is ready to be piloted by teachers. Due to COVID-19, the piloting will take place online. The piloting will include; an initial questionnaire and discussion to check teachers’ comprehension of gender based discrimination in schools, the training itself to capacity build and raise awareness, and a final post-training questionnaire and discussion to evaluate comprehension after the training and get some general feedback on the training experience. The training can be done over 10 days in teachers’ own time to allow for flexibility. This piloting can be undertaken by teachers, educators, school staff such as headteachers and special educational need teachers, and school administrators as we are all responsible for reducing and challenging gender discrimination in schools.

The Training: Aims and What you Will Learn 

The scope of the training is to inform and empower teachers’ competence on the issue of gender-based discrimination, clarify the notions of gender, raise awareness on stereotypes, promote the dialogue between teachers and parents to create an operative model of collaboration. The training aim is to give to teachers the necessary educational tools and methodology to identify and combat gender-based discrimination within their school setting, in order to create a FREE educational institution. 

You will be able to go through the training in your own time, with a total of 5 units to complete over 10 days, giving you plenty of flexibility around your own teaching hours. These units include:

Unit 1: What exactly is gender?

Unit 2: Identifying gender-based discrimination

Unit 3: Falling in the trap of gender discrimination

Unit 4: What can we practically do as teachers?

Unit 5: Development of school policy and in school regulations to achieve sustainable results 

A Unique Opportunity: Have Your Say and Get Involved

This is a unique opportunity to: 

  • Raise awareness, expand knowledge, and challenge yourself to learn something new about gender discrimination
  • To receive an EU accredited training, free of charge
  • To have your say in improving, or highlighting what you enjoyed, about the training
  • To attend a fully funded international conference in London to follow the piloting

For IARS, working alongside teachers is essential in producing a successful and engaging training. If you think you would like to be a part of changing your school culture and ultimately, your students' lives for the better, then you are who they are looking for!

For more information or to sign up contact Sophie Nicholas at IARS Institute: [email protected]