Hello I’m Ajoy Datta

I am offering a London based team or organisation, consultancy services to introduce or manage a change, negotiate a dilemma or address a practical problem.


Specifically, this might include

  • enhancing performance
  • adjusting to hybrid ways of working
  • improving team dynamics
  • managing high workloads
  • promoting diversity 
  • strengthening leadership

The consultancy would involve working with the team/organisation to analyse the context and content of the issues that are being experienced and going ‘beneath the surface’ to discover what might be driving the problem or getting in the way of change.

The consultancy would last about 3-4 months (e.g. March to June) and be primarily in-person but with some virtual interaction if necessary.

The consultancy would be part of a master’s programme I’m undertaking on consulting to organisations at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which has a long history of training organisational consultants using a psychologically informed approach.


My main field of work is the global development sector where I’ve worked for almost 20 years. In my current role I consult to organisations to help them make better decisions. Recent assignments include supporting an NGO with a founder succession, supporting foundations to develop and update their strategy and promoting leadership development amongst mid-career managers.


If you think your team or organisation would be interested in taking up this opportunity, feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] or 07707 603 279 to discuss this further.

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