Protection Approaches are offering a free online training course, facilitated by leading experts in building kinder, safer more inclusive communities.

During interactive sessions taking place over either two days or four evenings, you will discuss and learn about:

  • the processes that create divides, prejudice, and identity-based violence
  • what really works in building kinder, safer, more inclusive communities
  • how to design impactful projects for positive change
  • principles to guide how to work in and with communities in meaningful, participatory ways

Following the training, every participant will be encouraged and supported to apply what they have learnt in the training to work they are already doing, or even through a new initiative, whether it is in their workplace, community, group, or club.

Training commences in February 2021.

Who is it for?

Are you:

  • involved in some sort of community perhaps through a club, your workplace, a faith group, a voluntary group, a forum, or an association?
  • passionate about making our communities kinder, safer more inclusive places for all but not sure where to start or want to gain new skills?

If you answered “yes” this training has been designed for you. They particularly want to encourage people who might think twice before joining a training like this such as those with special educational needs or who don’t always feel confident speaking up in group activities.

Find out about upcoming (free) training dates and to sign up:

Click here

The team will be happy to speak to you ahead of the training to understand how we can make sure it is as accessible and comfortable for you as possible.