Published 17 March 2021

Ever wanted to try bouldering/indoor-wall climbing? It is an exciting and fun way to stay fit: it is challenging, both physically and mentally. It is also a fantastic way to meet new people.

Join in by signing up to our meet-up group and then coming to the sessions in South Bermondsey.

This event is completely free to attend, and the only costs you have to bear are the Arch fees and/or shoe rental.

All levels are welcome! Even if you are a complete beginner, though kindly please sign up for an introduction class at the Arch at Acton or the North branch - (this is required if you are a complete newbie) or come along to a group session. If there are enough "experienced" climbers one of us can supervise you on your first climb eliminating the need to do an induction class. DM me if you plan to do this instead.

Get involved

Find out more here and arrange to join a session